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The new Vodafane headquarters in Milan are a remarkable structure composed by 3 buildings of 60m high and a central square for events and concerts. Termigas was the selected contractor to perform the mechanical and electrical works.

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Included the trigeneration plant and the heating and cooling plants. Trigeneration is an evolution of cogeneration technique, and consists in the simultaneous production of electricity, heat and cooling from a single heat source. This technique exploits the waste heat produced by the electric generation process to heat ambient air and tank water, or to be transformed into cooling energy by an absorption chiller. The trigeneration plant is composed of a 3 MW motor-alternator group, thermal recovery and dissipation systems. During winter season, waste heat produced by the electric generation process is used for ambient and water heating. Additional heat is provided by three 2.500 kW boilers equipped with flue control.

Part of the heat produced by the electric generation process is used to feed a 1.800 kW lithium bromide absorption chiller. Additional cooling power is provided by 4 centrifugal chillers with capacity of 1.800 KW each. To ensure high reliability, the system is designed to provide some degree of redundancy. Each chiller is associated with an independent condensation group and connected to a dedicated roof-top evaporation tower. The machines are equipped with inverters and are designed to work in parallel at approximately 50- 60% capacity. Thermal fluids are distributed to engineering substations located in the three buildings. Engineering substations are
located underground and include plate heat exchangers, control systems and secondary circulation pumps. On the last floors are installed 14 air treatment units with
modular sections, with a total treated air capacity exceeding 350.000 m³/h.

Office Air conditioning is made with radiant chilled ceilings,consisting of more than 4.500 chilled beams installed in suspended ceilings, each fed by 4-pipe system with flow control, and primary air distributed though polyurethane foam pre-insulated air ducts. In the hall areas the air conditioning is obtained by direct expansion system with variable refrigerant volume. Technological areas are provided with water-cooled air conditioners and underfloor inlet flow. Sanitary systems, also committed to Termigas, include water plants, central water heating, water softening, pumping stations, water discharge stacks and over 700 sanitary appliances.Fire prevention is made with wall mounted UNI 45 fire hoses and portable powder extinguishers for the offices, CO2 extinguishers for electrical equipment room and a sprinkler system for the underground parking.



Is composed of a primary 23 KV power station, and several substations equipped with three 1.600 KVA MV/LV transformers, located in the underground floor, for the power supply of trigeneration plant, boilers and refrigeration units, and two 800 KVA MV/LV transformers on last floor for the power supply of evaporation towers and heat sinks. The generators and the UPS apparatus are also located underground.. Peculiar to this electrical system is the autonomous functioning which allows the overall system, through specific synchronization of the trigeneration plant and load management, to maintain functionality even if connection to the national grid is interrupted.

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