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Brembo Mexico New Aluminum Foundry

Design and Installation of the Electrical Systems for the new Brembo Mexico aluminum foundry in Monterrey (Mexico)


TG4MEX develops the as built engineering and operate the installation of the MEP (electro-mechanical systems) for the all Brembo industry.

TG4MEX systems are designed and realized to provide energy, gas, water and special supply installations for the Brembo operations in the aluminum welding and forming products as well as the iron’s.

The main services installations are: warm and cold piping distribution, water treatments and chilling equipment’s for the manufacturing processes, generation and distribution of compressed air and nitrogen, the HVAC’s systems for offices and laboratories as like the natural and mechanical ventilation for the Brembo foundries areas.

In the electrical fields TG4MEX provides the complete power transformation from medium to low voltage, the internal distribution to all working areas of the site, main and emergency lighting, energy for the machinery involved in the Brembo manufacturing process and the all services installations.

TG4MEX also realizes the fire detection system, the grounding installations as well as the complete wiring and controlling for the data system to connect the Brembo site with the Italian Corporate Building.