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MediaMarket maintenance services and building automation

Media Market S.p.A. manages in Italy the Media World and Saturn electronics retail brands and is part of the German group Mediamarkt Saturn Holding GmBH, the European leader in consumer electronics retailing. Collaboration started in the late nineties when Termigas was awarded the mechanical works for a Media World retail store in Modena, Italy. Over the time, as an acknowledgement of outstanding work performances and design, Termigas increased its services to cover all mechanical works and maintenance for Media World and Saturn stores.


Today Termigas is the selected mechanical contractor and has long term agreements for the maintenance of approximately 100 stores, which constitute the almost entirety of Mediamarkt Italian stores. Remote control solutions are widely implemented by Termigas to effectively manage the maintenance of large store chains. 

Over 80 Media World stores building services are remotely controlled from a workstation in Termigas offices. The store plants are equipped with sensors, actuators and controls bus-wired to I/O modules located in a central station, and the overall building automation is based on Siemens DESIGO system. The central station of each store communicates in a starconfiguration with a Termigas remote workstation via MPLS link.
The operator remotely controls the building services via a graphical interface which displays processes, set points, measurements and status of all equipment.
With a mouse click it is possible to change temperature and flow settings, timed control programs and all other parameters to ensure the optimum store climate and comfort. A central alarm management enables the operator to remotely acquire, evaluate and handle all alarms received from any of the stores, greatly enhancing the reaction time and resolving most problems without manual intervention at the store.
Any Client requirement such as running the store on a previously planned off-duty day, or modifying the HVAC working schedule to allow for night time inventory check, can be quickly accommodated by changing remotely the timed control programs without any manual intervention on the plants.
Termigas also runs periodical reports, trends and statistics to monitor the process and consumption values, identify energy discrepancies and potential savings for the Client, and maximize the overall energy efficiency.