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Poligrafici Printing is the industrial branch of Poligrafici media group, engaged in the diffusion of significant newspapers at national level (Quotidiano Nazionale, Il Giorno, Il Resto del Carlino, La Nazione) and magazines. Poligrafici Printing operates on National and European market through a widespread Sales Network and its production capabilities of several Web Offset machines (with and without dryer) working 24h per day, 6 days a week on the locations of Bologna, Florence and Milan.

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Web Offset printing machines require water for the cooling of rollers, lubrication oil and electric motors. The KBA COLORA Web Offset Coldset is fed with a single cooling circuit with temperature regulation. The KBA COMMANDER Web Offset Heatset is fed with three independent cooling circuits with separate and adjustable temperatures. All circuits are equipped with two redundant variable-flow electric pumps. Refrigeration plants are composed of four 1.600 kW centrifugal water chillers and one 660 kW screw water chiller. Chillers are refrigerated by water which is cooled by five centrifugal cooling towers on the building top.

The thermal power station is composed of 4 boilers with power output of 8.400 kW, each equipped with economizers, modulating methane fired burners, fumes analyzers and gas detectors. Web Offset printing machines require very specific temperature and humidity levels to operate correctly and this is achieved with an all air system with conditioned air distributed from the high ceiling via a displacement diffusion system. The overall plant is controlled and automatically managed with an electro-pneumatic system based on distributed intelligence architecture, fully programmable and modular.

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