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The new hospital of Bergamo, designed by the architect Aymeric Zublena, is a modern and technological facility equipped and structured for being the largest health-care structure in the whole Lombardia region with up to 1200 bed spaces, 226 hospital wards and 36 operating theaters. The hospital covers an area of 320.000 m² and is planned with 7 external towers, for ward units, linked with a central main platform, equipped for laboratories, operating units and offices. Termigas was the selected mechanical and electrical contractor, in joint venture with another company, to perform this project.

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The covered area includes a main building with laboratories, operating theaters and management offices, seven towers for hospital wards and hospitalization, a service building for complimentary activities such as mess, kitchen, lockers, laundry and morgue, a technological building with cogeneration plant, HVAC system, electrical substations and UPS, a friars’ accommodation and a heliport building with an annexed helideck. A central U-shaped gallery with 12 m high glass ceiling, called “Hospital Street”, connects all floors of the main building with the towers.

As a healthcare facility, the building services shall ensure maximum thermo-hygrometric comfort and quality of air, as well as implementing special services such as medical gases distribution. To achieve maximum comfort for the patients, the hospitalization wards are conditioned with primary air and with ceiling radiant panels, which ensure clean air, accurate temperature control and minimum noise. A high ventilation rate is required to assure an aseptic environment, and additional measures are implemented to prevent the propagation of infected air. Inside the laboratories a differential pressure, positive or negative, is ensured at all times by means of a variable flow system which is regulated by a central control system as a function of the air extracted.

Some operating rooms are designed to comply with ISO-5 cleanroom standard, which implies a ventilation system managing up to 60 air changes per hour, adjustable with 4 different settings, and state of the art ceiling filtration with HEPA filters. The tower reserved to infectious hospitalization and intensive therapy wards has a special ventilation to ensure that all rooms can be configured for positive pressure (to prevent contamination of immunocompromised subjects) or with negative pressure (to prevent infected subjects from contaminating). The main building is equipped with 4- pipe system for feed / return of hot and chilled water, whereas the towers are designed with a 2-pipe system with inverters for seasonal switch. Central air handling units are accommodated on the last floors, and were designed to assure ease of maintenance, high service level and efficiency. The total air flow handled in the hospital exceeds 1.7 million cubic meters per hour. All the building services are managed through a DDC control system and monitored via two workstations. The overall system is connected through a bacnet TC/IP Ethernet network.

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