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The Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research is a biomedical research organization which aims to help defend human health and life. The facility is a 4-storey building with a total built-up area of 24.000 m². The peculiar activity of this facility, along with the operation of technological equipment and systems, required advanced building services specially designed for the management of high density loads and overall power needs, high reliability levels preventing any possibility of service interruptions, and efficient lighting, comfort, internal & external communications.

proj mario negri


The mechanical building services included a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system composed of:
» 2 methane-fired cogeneration plants (total 1.270 kW) for heating water during winter season;
» 2 plants (total 2.600 kW) powering the air treatment units;
» 1 methane/diesel fired boiler (750 kW) integrating the cogeneration plants for feeding the postheating batteries, radiators and fan-coils;
» Steam generator with a flow of 4.000 kg/h and operative pressure of 7 bar for humidification, sterilization and cleaning;
» Absorption condensation group of 822 kW with hot water feed;
» 2 refrigerators equipped with centrifugal compressors (total power 2.100 kW). 

Condensation heat produced by absorbers and air conditioning units is dissipated by 6 cooling towers in a closed circuit. Areas which have positive loads during the winter season (conference room, sealed areas, kitchen, etc.) are free-cooled using external air, enabling important energy savings. In addition to the main air conditioning unit, an additional station for the production of treated water and a sub-station for the production of hot sanitary water were installed. Laboratories and sealed areas are treated with external air, where inflow is controlled through a mechanical calibration while air recovery flow is electronically regulated. System was designed to maintain a differential pressure between corridor and rooms, preventing any contamination between different areas.

The electrical system was designed and executed as a Total Building Solution, enabling a global management and supervision of the plants. The power distribution system included the following:
» 5 substations connected thorough a MV ring network;
» 2 MV/LV transformers of 1.600 kVA;
» 6 MV/LV transformers of 1.000 kVA;
» 1 transformer of 800 kVA;
» 1 generator of 1.250 kVA
» 7 UPS between 20 and 160 kVA

The cogeneration plant was realized with 2 methane-fired endothermic motors capable to produce an electric power of 526 kW. The Internal, External and Emergency Lighting system was supervised via Instabus-Eib system, allowing automatic day/night lighting regulations and the verification of the emergency lighting integrity and functionality. Medical installations are powered by the IT-M electromedical system, equipped with insulating transformers and ground connection insulation control devices.

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