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The new Diesel headquarters in Breganze, Vicenza (Italy), is a low-rise hybrid project and host different functional areas like offices, warehouses, exhibition spaces, an auditorium, a nursery, a cafeteria, a fitness center, and also open-air parking and technological centers, for a total built-up area of 50.000 m².

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 Located in Vicenza, Italy, the building features innovative technical and energy solutions, such as:

» high thickness insulation, increasing the building energy efficiency;
» curtain walls, reflective glasses, automatic curtain shields;
» green roofs and green walls;
» rain water recovery and smart irrigation systems;
» solar thermal systems; » solar photovoltaic systems;
» high yield methane-fired trigeneration plant;
» low temperature radiators embedded in the floors and walls;
» Chilled beam ceilings;
» heat recovery on all outlet ducts.

Termigas was the mechanical and electrical contractor selected for a major portion of the works, which includes trigeneration and major plants, HVAC for warehouse, museum, garage, and external firefighting system. Trigeneration is an evolution of cogeneration technique, and consists of the simultaneous production of electricity, heat and cooling from a single heat source. This technique exploits the waste heat produced by the electric generation process to heat ambient air and water, or to be transformed into cooling energy by an absorption chiller.

The trigeneration plant is composed of the following:
» two motor-alternator groups, each composed of a 500 kW methane fired motor and a three-phase synchronous 400V-50Hz generator;
» two switchboards, including PLC system, switchgears and surge protection; » two heat recovery and dissipation systems, which recover the heat from motors and exhausts through heat exchangers;
» two sound-proofing and ventilation systems;
» absorption chiller with a cooling power of 900 kW and chilled water flow rate of 155 m³/h;
» two compressor chillers with a cooling power of 1.500 kW each;
» two condensing boilers with high water capacity and thermal power of 1.300 kW each.

The power supply system is composed of the following:
» MV 20 kV substation;
» Four 1.250 kVA transformers;
» Electric power substation with LV 4.000 A switchboards;
» 2.500 A switchgears;
» Two 1.600 kVA generators

The system was provided by Termigas along with all the documentation required by the electricity provider for connection to the national grid. The HVAC is made with zoned radiant panels, which are installed either under floor in the warehouse, or behind the walls inside the museum. The system allows a very uniform heat or cold distribution, without air stratifications. All building services are monitored and operated from a central control system, which allows to optimize the production and distribution efficiency and at the same time to reduce the power consumption and the overall environmental impact.

By working in close cooperation with engineering consultants, main project benefits which Termigas has contributed to achieve were the following:
» autonomous power generation;
» heat recovery for heating during winter season;
» heat recovery for cooling during summer season through a lithium bromide absorption chiller;
» increased heating efficiency by installing condensing boilers with high delta T and constant flue temperature at 45°, resulting in a seasonal efficiency exceeding 100%;
» increased cooling efficiency by installing refrigeration units, circuit pumps and cooling tower fans with inverters, allowing to keep high COP at any output level requested;
» increased temperature difference between primary and return flow, resulting in improved boiler condensation and decreased pumping requirements;
» instant hot water recovery from cogeneration, allowing simultaneous use for both heating and cooling.

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