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The new hospital of Biella is a major health-care structure featuring up to 600 bed spaces and the local health authority main office (A.S.L.). Termigas was the selected mechanical and electrical contractor, in joint venture with another company, to perform this project. The building services are accommodated on three levels: boilers, chillers, water treatment and fire prevention stations are on the ground level, distribution headers and substations are in the underground level, and air handling units are on the mezzanine floor.


Mechanical installations made by Termigas included the following:

» HVAC system including connection to gas mains, thermo-electric plant, engineering substations, thermo fluids distribution, supply and discharge air ducts;
» Sanitary system, including connection to water mains, reservoir tanks, water pumping and treatment plant, distribution, drainage systems and connection to sewage;
» Fire Prevention system, including pumping station, distribution, sprinkler system, UNI 70 hydrants and automatic gaseous fire suppression system for flammable storage areas;
» Medical gases and compressed air system including gas storage, air compressors, vacuum surgical suction, medical gases and air distribution with wall or bed mounted sockets, anesthetic gas evacuation;
» Complete Building Management System with distributed intelligence architecture, equipped with programmable regulators, allowing humanmachine interface by connection to any network

Electrical installations, also made by Termigas, included the following:

» Double MV power supply and double-ring primary distribution;
» two generators with total 1.600 KVA output and UPS;
» Connections for future installation of thermal/electrical cogeneration plant;
» MV system equipped with five 1.600 KVA and three 2.500 KVA transformers and LV distribution by 400V IP54 busbars installed in special shafts;
» Special systems including smoke and fire detectors (13.500 nodes), flammable gas detection, medical gas anomaly alarms, video-surveillance, intrusion and access control, voice and data telecommunications, interphones, public address and nurse call.

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Business Process

Business Process - Phase 1

Feasibility studies and preliminary design 
Preliminary and working drawings

Business Process - Phase 2

Purchase of materials, components, and equipment Pre-fabrication
On site erection with own skilled personnel
Site management with qualified sub-contractors
Project management

Business Process - Phase 3

Certification in compliance to local laws and regulations
Collection of equipment data sheets, as-built drawings
Operation and maintenance manuals

Business Process - Phase 4

Tecnical assistance
Preventive maintenance
Corrective maintenance
Adjustments and remote control
Global Service and facility management
Energy management