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Located in via Manzoni - Milan, in the heart of the Italian fashion district, this Hotel by Giorgio Armani has been recognized as a 5stars Lux and offers near 100 Suites, Restaurants, Spa center and Conference rooms. Termigas was the MEP contractor selected to meet the cutting edge technological standards of this prestigious project.

proj armani

The Armani Hotel Milan is created into an existing building, with two underground floors for services, main entrance on ground floor, five floors with guest rooms and meeting areas, and a seventh and eighth floor hosting the restaurant, kitchen, lounge bar and SPA. Termigas scope of work encompasses complete electrical works (including connection to main power supply, MV/LV transformation, primary and secondary distribution to end users, interior, exterior and emergency lighting, protection and auxiliary systems, special systems such as fire detection, intrusion prevention, public address, IP-network phone system, CCTV, room access, TV, IPTV, audio-video equipment etc.) and complete mechanical works (including boilers, underfloor heating, air treatment, refrigeration, ventilation, fire prevention, water and drainage systems etc.). The advanced technological content is particularly reflected in the room automation, which integrates several functions such as:

 » guest welcome, displaying on TV the guest information upon first arrival in the room;
» room status, displaying via LED on the badge reader the “empty”, “room cleaning” or “do not disturb” status;
» access control, displaying on TV the image of the camera outside the room and controlling the door opening;
» lighting, featuring a fully dimmable system based on a distributed intelligence architecture and customizable lighting scenarios reproducing the most appropriate ambient light; 
» air conditioning and other services.

Room access, lighting, TV and IPTV services, air conditioning, blinds opening and requests for personnel assistance are all controlled with a single touch screen ZigBee remote control. Every precaution is taken to assure the continuity of the services: the power supply is provided by two MV power sources, with a PLC automatically switching between primary and reserve supply in case of failure of the former, and several UPS apparatus are installed for both emergency lighting and data centers. In addition to the technological content, Termigas has successfully met all other project challenges related to site logistics, specifically:
» limited storage space and restrictions to material unload due to site location in the inner city center;
» installation of transformers and other large equipment through relatively small openings and corridors of the existing structure;
» transition, without service interruptions, of existing HVAC systems in use by nearby Armani shops and club to a new comprehensive HVAC system;
» interfaces between several subcontractors working at site to meet the fast-track project schedule.

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